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What's in a DQ File?

DISA can help you manage and monitor your DQ files to ensure compliance and efficiency.


DOT Increases Fines for Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Requirements

​The DOT issued a final rule allowing the FMCSA to fine drivers, carriers, and Medical Review Officers (MROs) up to $5,833 for each violation of the drug and alcohol clearinghouse.

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DISA’s Most Impactful Articles of 2020

DISA highlights its most impactful articles of 2020, helping employers stay informed of insightful information to keep their workplace safe, regardless of their industry.

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Oral Fluid Industry Update

Day with DISA 2020 gave attendees a closer look into new oral fluid industry updates and trends, helping employers learn best practices to ensure a safe workplace.


FMCSA Modifies and Extends Emergency Declaration

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) has modified and extended its national emergency declaration for CMV operations due to COVID-19 emergency relief efforts.

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Top 10 DOT Compliance Mistakes

Jae Perez, Senior Strategic Sales Executive, discussed the top 10 DOT compliance mistakes commonly made within the transportation industry and the tactics employers can use to prevent making them.