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DISA’s Most Impactful Articles of 2019

As we enter the new year, DISA’s taking a look back on some of the most impactful blogs that we’ve published throughout 2019. This insightful wrap-up highlights significant changes, growing trends, and best practices that employers can find helpful in the employment screening and safety-sensitive industry. In case you missed them the first time, we’ve carefully chosen the most impactful articles DISA published in 2019 covering drug testing, background screening, and the transportation industry. 

Drug Testing Articles

Urine Specimen Doctor

As workplace positivity rates increase, the growing sophistication of drug testing has led employees to evolve their cheating methods. With the opioid epidemic on the rise, increased cocaine and methamphetamine detection, and new laws legalizing recreational or medicinal marijuana in several states, employers are establishing stricter routine to combat a new threat, fake urine. Learn more about the threats of fake urine here: Synthetic Urine: How Fake Urine Increases Drug Test Abuse

As medical prescriptions for opioids are on the rise, DISA’s hair drug testing vendor partner Psychemedics saw one out of every 28 drug test samples return lab positive for opioids in 2018. Employers need to understand how these prescriptions affect safety-sensitive employees in the drug testing process, what the process is when an employee has a prescription, and why you may need to implement new procedures to ensure your facility stays as safe as possible. Get help with your drug testing policy here: 1 in Every 28 Hair Tests Are Positive for Opioids

When building and implementing a company drug testing policy, preparation is key for a successful audit. Mock audits essentially mirror the tenets of a formal audit, helping employers to prevent risks, fines, and fees. Find out how a mock audit can help your company: Mock Audits: How They Can Help Your Company

With the opioid epidemic on the rise and the legalization of marijuana varying by states, employers need to be well informed of how to detect impairment while in the workplace. Employees who are impaired can cause great risks and dangers, which can easily be avoided with a comprehensive drug testing policy. Learn more here: Can You Test If Someone Is High at the Moment?

As legislation enforces new opioid laws, the opioid epidemic is causing an increase in methamphetamine use. If you don’t already have a clear and concise written drug testing policy to protect your company and employees, learn from our experts here: The Fourth Wave: Methamphetamines

Background Screening Articles

Background Check 101

Background checks can be quite diverse, making it tricky for employers to decipher exactly what is needed for their hiring standards. If you’re creating a background screening program or updating your existing one, here are some products and procedures to consider: HR 101: So, You Need to Run a Background Check, Where Do You Begin?

Background checks should be customized to meet industry-specific needs, such as the financial industry. Financial due diligence searches provide employers with a more in-depth perspective of an individual to further protect their company from potentially million-dollar mistakes. To make sure your background checks have what they need, read more here: How Financial Due Diligence Searches Can Prevent Million Dollar Mistakes

Depending on the employer and the industry, background checks can vary greatly. If you want to ensure a safe hire every time, here are a few things to consider when building and implementing your background screening procedures: An Employers Guide to Background Checks

Background checks are a standard procedure for most employers, but why exactly are they so important? Learn more here about the benefits of background checks and how they can help your company: HR 101: The Benefits of Background Checks for Employers

In 2019, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) rebranded to the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). If you weren’t already informed of this change, or would like to learn more, click here: NAPBS Officially Rebrands to PBSA

Transportation Articles

Truck Fleet

The DOT requires employees who hold CDL’s to have an MVR pulled as part of their onboarding process. A CDLIS is a nationwide system that helps employers determine if a CDL is authorized to operate a CMV under FMCSA regulations. To understand how the CDLIS can help you with your onboarding, learn more here: How the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) Helps Your CDL Onboarding Process

From time to time, HOS rules will be amended or modified to enhance safety precautions and efficiency. Read more about five proposed changes that could affect you: Five Important Proposed Changes to the FMCSA HOS Rule You Should Be Aware of

The FMCSA increased its random rates for the year 2020. Are you aware of the changes? Read more: FMCSA Random Rate Increase for 2020

The FMCSA Clearinghouse will significantly change the way employers onboard new commercial drivers. It’s important that employers understand what it is and how to use it. Learn more about the clearinghouse: FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Canada enforced an ELD mandate that’s similar to the one enforced in the U.S. For more information on ELD’s and what you need to do as an employer that operates in Canada, read more here: Canada ELD Mandate

Throughout 2020 DISA will continue to provide insightful articles on the latest and greatest in industry trends, news, and updates covering background screening, transportation, and drug and alcohol testing. To stay in the loop, follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter!

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