FMCSA Publishes Final Rule for Record of Violations Reporting

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is amending its regulations to eliminate the requirement that Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers have to prepare and submit an annual list of traffic violations to their employers. Eliminating this requirement reduces the redundancy of another rule requiring motor carriers to make an annual inquiry to obtain the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for each driver it employs from every State in which the driver holds or has held a CMV operator's license or permit in the past year.

Additionally, for drivers that are licensed by a foreign authority rather than a State, the FMCSA amends the rule, “to provide that motor carriers must make an annual inquiry to each driver's licensing authority where a driver holds or has held a CMV operator's license or permit.”  The final rule goes into effect on May 09, 2022.

The FMCSA does not expect this rule to cause any negative impacts on CMV safety as motor carriers are still required by § 391.25 to make an annual inquiry which still provides a reliable way to learn of any convictions for traffic violations incurred by their driver employees.

What Is an MVR?

A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) is a report that provides the driving history of an employee from a particular state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Proper use of MVRs helps to reduce risks and liability by allowing the employer to understand driving habits and/or attention to obeying laws and safety measures. MVRs typically include:

    Driver’s License Information (Driver Name, Height, Weight, Date of Birth, etc.)


    License Status (Active/Suspended/Revoked)

    Misdemeanor Moving Violations/Convictions


    State-Based Driving Record Points

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