DOT Background Screening

Background Checks that Comply with DOT Regulations

As a company who has to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations you are challenged not only to comply, but to hire drivers to keep your services moving as quickly as possible. The differences from administration to administration can make it difficult to find one company that has everything you need.

When conducting a  FMCSA background screening the following is required:

  • Motor Vehicle RecordsThe FMCSA requires carriers to obtain motor vehicle records from each state in which the applicant has held a CDL license or permit in for the last three years. Procurement of a CDLIS report can provide the states where MVRs should be obtained. Within 30 days of employment, copies of the records must be added to the applicant’s driver qualification file. If none were collected, it must be documented that no such MVRs exist. An annual MVR is also required during the driver’s continued employment.
  • Previous Employment HistoryEach carrier is required to investigate the applicant’s past three years of work history for the following:
  • Verify previous employment, which may include letters, interviews, and/or other methods of verification
  • Determine if the driver has been involved in any crashes
  • Gather information regarding minor accidents or incidents
  • Drug Testing History – The FMCSA requires that employers look at the previous three years of drug history checks to determine if the driver had any drug or alcohol violations. This includes whether the driver has ever tested positive on a drug or alcohol test, refused to test, or completed or failed a substance abuse rehabilitation program.
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test  The driver must complete and pass a pre-employment drug test, or they cannot be hired under FMCSA regulations. The DOT drug test will test for marijuana, cocaine, expanded opiates (opium and codeine derivatives), amphetamines and methamphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP). 

Beyond what is required under DOT and FMCSA regulations, most organizations in the trucking industry take additional steps to reduce liability and reduce administrative burden. Background services such as criminal history reports also help you to make smart hiring decisions that reduce potential liability. These are also best practice for anyone that offers P&D services to homes, or may transport children or the handicapped.

Completing more than 2 million background items annually, DISA is one of the largest third party background screening administrators in the industry. If you have DOT mandated employee screening needs, contact DISA today!

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