Fleet Management and Reporting

Better, Faster, Smarter Fleet Management

DISA's Transportation Compliance team (DTC) helps carriers collect, manage, and maintain data for better, faster, and smarter fleet management and reporting that meets DOT regulations. We have the reporting expertise and innovative technology to deliver prompt and accurate information, on-demand reporting, and auditing solutions for companies of any size.

To remain compliant and safe, it’s important for carriers to have confidence in their fleet reporting. DISA's accurate, reliable, and on-demand reporting allows carriers to concentrate on operational performance while knowing they are taking all required steps in avoiding costly fines, penalties, and negative ratings, due to poor record keeping. DOT and taxing agencies demand accuracy in reporting and record keeping; it’s a must for transportation companies.

Fleet Management & Reporting Services Include:

DISA provides premier fuel tax, safety compliance, licensing and permitting, and tax recovery services to the transportation industry. With the abundance of data in the operations of today’s trucking companies, we can turn your already available data into something that can be used by drivers, operations, and corporate to help make important business decisions.

In addition to the fleet management and reporting, DISA also offers an expansive array of innovative IT services, which includes:

Data Warehousing

  • Data Scrubbing
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Scheduled delivery of Reports
  • Report Consulting
  • Report Design
  • Report Support
  • Multiple Output Options (pdf, xml, xls, txt, tiff, csv, and more)
  • Multiple Delivery Methods (ftp, html, email, and more)

For help managing your fleet data, custom reporting, and DOT compliance, contact DISA at 281-730-5509.