Industry Insights

Can you Test If Someone Is High at The Moment?

How employers can stay informed on how to detect impairment and what actions are allowed to protect their company.


Nevada Updates Pre-employment Marijuana Testing Law

Nevada becomes first state to sign law prohibiting employers from taking action based on positive pre-employment test for marijuana.

Industry Insights

Mock Audits: How They Can Help Your Company

Mock audits can be very beneficial for customers to help create and maintain a drug testing policy that meets compliance requirements.

Industry Insights

HR:101 The Benefits of Background Checks for Employers

Understand the importance of background checks, why you should implement them, and the best practices that can improve the workplace environment.


Day with DISA 2019 – An Employee Screening Conference for Safety-Sensitive Companies

This year's Day with DISA conference will contain even more expert advice, trends, and industry insights at no cost to attendees.

Industry Insights

HR 101: Creating and Implementing A Corporate Drug Testing Program

Learn what you need to build a successful program for your workplace.