Reflecting on Another Successful Year: Day with DISA 2024


As we close the curtains on the latest edition of our annual conference, Day with DISA 2024, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey this event has charted. Building upon the success of previous years, Day with DISA continues to establish itself as a beacon of excellence and innovation in employee screening and industry insights.

Record Attendance!

Our 2024 conference, yet again, broke attendance records, underscoring the event's growing significance and reaffirms its status as one of the premier employee screening events in the United States. A milestone for us this year was reintroducing some in-person sessions for the first time since 2020. We're thrilled to report that Day with DISA attracted a total of over 1,800 unique registrations, setting a record. Post-event data confirmed an impressive turnout of 3,700 virtual session attendees, averaging 2.4 sessions per person, and nearly 500 in-person attendees. This makes the 2024 event our most well-attended Day with DISA ever, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Attendee Feedback Highlights

This year's success is a testament to the unwavering dedication and effort of our DISA employees. Their commitment, coupled with the insightful and in-depth content delivered by our expert speakers and the generous support from our sponsors, created an environment ripe for learning, networking, and growth. The feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive, echoing the sentiment that Day with DISA is an event not to be missed.

We surveyed participants after each session, with over 1,300 attendees giving us a 10 out of 10 when asked what they thought of Day with DISA!  Attendees praised the conference for its first-class organization, insightful content, and the attentive and helpful nature of everyone involved. Such accolades are a clear indication of the event's impact and relevance in our industry.

John Peterson, DISA's CEO, shared his thoughts on this year's success: "Day with DISA is more than just a conference; it's a mission-driven platform for sharing knowledge and best practices. The 2024 event advanced this mission by featuring eighteen educational sessions, focusing on the latest industry trends and challenges, and providing invaluable networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.

"We remain dedicated to elevating Day with DISA, focusing on delivering highly impactful sessions, expanding networking opportunities, and offering valuable continuing education credits. Moreover, we are committed to refining the event in response to attendee feedback and proactively addressing our industry's most pressing and complex challenges. We are already planning for an even bigger and better Day with DISA in 2025."


Additionally, our gratitude extends to our sponsors, whose involvement was pivotal in bringing the latest industry trends to the forefront during our networking sessions.

A special thanks to our Title Sponsor:

Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL)/FormFox

Our Platinum Sponsors:

We also appreciate the support of our Gold Sponsors:

Keynote Speakers and Session Presenters

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to all our keynote speakers and session presenters who dedicated their time and expertise to make this event a rich source of industry knowledge. Your contributions are the backbone of Day with DISA's success and growth.

  • Pam Devata - Labor and Employment Partner at Seyfarth Shaw
  • Faye Caldwell - Legal Advisor & Litigator at Caldwell Everson PLLC
  • Kim Olszewski - Former President, AAOHN & Director Medical Services at DISA Global Solutions
  • Gary Wiese - Chief Revenue Officer at DISA Global Solutions
  • Patrice M. Kelly, JD - Senior Policy Executive Advisor USDOT on detail to the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association
  • Robert Szyba – Partner at Seyfarth Shaw
  • Adam Rosenthal - Employment Partner at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP
  • Bryan Price - Chief of Drug/Alcohol Programs Division, FMCSA
  • Brady Quarles - Vice President, Industrial Sales at DISA Global Solutions
  • Bill Current - President and Founder at Current Consulting Group
  • John Drury – Partner at Seyfarth Shaw
  • Morgan Reynolds - Vice President, Risk/Legal at DISA Global Solutions
  • Dr. David Kuntz - Executive Director of Toxicology at Clinical Reference Laboratory
  • Jennifer Mora - Senior Counsel at Seyfarth Shaw
  • Gary Wiese - Chief Revenue Officer at DISA Global Solutions
  • Eden Hutchinson - Compliance Manager at DISA Global Solutions
  • Stacy Johnson - Federal Program Specialist at FMCSA
  • Dan Horvath - Vice President of Safety Policy at American Trucking Association
  • Joseph (“Joe”) Beachboard - Chief Employment Attorney at Beachboard Consulting Group
  • Brooke Westall – Executive HR Consultant

What’s Next

Looking ahead to Day with DISA 2025, we are already brewing ideas to make it an even more enriching experience. Based on the constructive feedback from our attendees, we plan to introduce more impactful sessions, expand networking opportunities, and offer continuing education credits again. We aim to address the most pressing issues facing our industry and continue evolving the conference to meet the ever-changing landscape.

As we bid farewell to Day with DISA 2024, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for what the next year holds. We promise to keep pushing the boundaries and to keep delivering an event that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our attendees, sponsors, and speakers. Here's to another year of success, innovation, and collaboration at Day with DISA!

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