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Transportation, Supply Chain, & Logistics

Your one-stop for transportation compliance and fleet needs. Our experts manage requirements, keep you updated on regulations in trucking, railroad, marine, airlines, or mass transit. Full service from licensing to cargo permits.

Ensure Safer Drivers Easier

A Single-Source Solution for the Entire Fleet: Driver, Tractor, Trailer, and Cargo

DISA’s robust line of transportation services creates a one-stop shop for your compliance and fleet needs. Our professionals can help you manage your requirements while keeping you up to date on the latest regulation changes and industry trends. Whether employers conduct business in trucking, railroad, marine operations, airlines, or mass transit, our consolidated DOT services help relieve the administrative burden of employers managing them on their own.

Our complete line of services includes licensing and permitting, fuel tax reporting, HOS driver log auditing, tax recovery, and refund services, continuous driver monitoring, and more. From start to finish, DISA will guide you throughout the entire process from the driver to your fleet, and even permitting for your cargo.

» See how we enable DOT Compliance for the FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA, and USCG

We Have Your Fleet Covered!

Fleet Management

Driver Solutions

Hiring the right driver for the job is essential to maintaining a safe workplace. DISA’s comprehensive services ensure that your drivers are always up-to-par with the latest compliance regulations and DOT necessities. Our professionals can assist you with building an all-encompassing program that meets the needs of your company and the transportation industry.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Background Screening

Tractor Solutions

A tractor that remains in compliance is imperative not only for the safety of your drivers but others on the road. DISA’s professionals are highly skilled subject matter experts who can help you ensure your fleet is secure. Our wide array of transportation products and services can help ensure your employees have everything they need to remain compliant on the road (while saving you money)!

Trailer Solutions

Neglecting your trailer permits and or misfiling tax renewals can be an expensive mistake. Trust DISA Transportation Compliance to ensure you're trailers always in compliance!

Cargo Solutions

Companies trust that you can carry their cargo safely and securely from one site to the next. Elevate your standards and allow DISA to help you design a customized program that ensures that your cargo remains compliant throughout the entire route.


DISA helps you make informed staffing decisions, stay safer, and operate smarter! Contact us at 281-730-5509.


Elevated Standards

As industry leaders, we monitor the industry closely, modify our programs to meet new regulations or laws, and educate our customers on what they need to know. We set the DISA standard higher than industry requirements, ensuring we consistently meet or exceed regulatory requirements. We help our clients outpace their competition by eliminating potential issues before they adversely impact business.

Advanced Science

Behind each of our services is the work of our preferred vendor partners, including industry-leading hair and oral fluid testing laboratories, as well as multiple SAMHSA-certified partners for urine-based drugs and alcohol analysis. Cutting-edge methodologies allow us to utilize the latest technology making collecting and sharing information more efficient and effective.

Proprietary Online Management System

DISA’s program and services are fully automated and managed through our proprietary online platforms. These web-based systems electronically store your employee data safely and securely. DISA is PBSA certified and follows the latest in IT security best practices.

Consolidated Employee Screen Capabilities

Our standardized policies help contractors gain access to sites without the hassle of redundant testing. Last year the DISA Contractor's Consortium (DCC) saved consortium members $38 million by reducing testing and preventing job hoppers.