Transportation Licensing & Permitting

DISA's Licensing and Permitting Services

The transportation industry is highly regulated and requires a number of requirements to be met and maintained before a carrier can begin, or continue, to operate. Managing these documents can get difficult, especially with larger companies. In order to properly maintain compliance, DISA offers services to ease the administrative burden on employers and help ensure that you meet all standards and requirements necessary for your company to operate.

Whether you are wanting to get your own authority under the DOT, or you are an established carrier needing help with various registration and/or permit requirements, DISA's Transportation Compliance team (DTC) can help you. As a carrier your job is to focus on your business and generate revenue for your business. DISA can help you stay focused by eliminating the stress of making sure you are up-to-date with all the proper registrations, permits, and authorities.

DTC Licensing and Permitting services include:

  • IRP Account Setup
  • IRP Renewals
  • IRP Supplements (including additions, deletions, transfers, replacement plates, duplicate cab cards, and weight group changes)
  • State Mileage, Over-Dimensional, and Over-Weight Truck Permits
  • Trip and Fuel Permits

Operating Authorities

  • UCR – Unified Carrier Registration for all commercial carriers operating in interstate commerce
  • USDOT and MC Setups
  • TX MC Authority
  • MCS-150 Biennial updates
  • BOC-3

DISA reduces the hassle of licensing and permitting by providing real-time, web-based reporting, which helps you track the status of permit and license applications, as well as license needs for every vehicle in a fleet. A personalized account manager will help you coordinate all necessary compliance standards regardless of your industry. 

If you need assistance maintaining your licensing and permitting information, contact DISA at 281-730-5509.