Continuous Driver Monitoring

Continuous Driver Monitoring


Continuous driver monitoring solutions help employers better manage their company by proactively identifying risk before it results in a crash. More advanced than a standard motor vehicle report (MVR), continuous driver monitoring gives unmatched insight into a driver’s behavior, alerting employers of real-time violations both on and off the clock. With 10 percent of drivers responsible for 40 percent of crashes, our data proves that companies who lack sufficient safety can face a loss of profit, increased downtime for equipment, and elevated hiring and training costs.

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DISA partnered with SambaSafety to develop a continuous driver monitoring program that proves effective in ensuring safety and compliance standards. One bad driver can compromise your company’s safety and lead to increased insurance costs, litigation and damages, crash and claim costs, employee retention, and harm your brand reputation.

When employers implement DISA’s driver monitoring program, they immediately gain access to:

  • Full 12-month visibility into a driver’s behavior
  • Reduced risk and liability with real-time alerts on negative driver activity
  • Increased employee retention through early intervention into negatively trending driver behavior
  • An automated and enforced consistent driver safety policy across your company
  • An ability to understand driver behavior across individuals and groups, and how to take proactive measures for improvement
  • Protecting your company, your employee(s), and your community with a culture of safety


The implementation of a continuous driver program further enhances your company’s overall safety through best practices and prevents harm caused by bad drivers. Continuous driver monitoring allows employers to gain a better grasp on the behaviors of their drivers and can distinguish a good driver from a bad driver, further reducing potential negative business impacts. High-risk drivers create significant liability for your company, and with real-time alerts, employers can intervene before it’s too late! So, just how much damage can one driver do you might be asking? A single, bad driver can impact:

Safety and Compliance

Company safety

Community safety


Fines and penalties

Brand Protection

Negative press

Lost revenue

Lower market share


Risk and Cost

Litigation and damages

Insurance costs

Crash and claim costs

Employee retention

By leveraging our combined technology and expertise, DISA and SambaSafety’s continuous driver monitoring program provides a seamless array of solutions to help address challenges faced in the transportation industry, including the FMCSA Clearinghouse, ELD mandates, ELD training requirements, new vehicle technologies, etc. Qorta, SambaSafety’s platform, allows employers to manage license status, medical certificate expirations, and use driver scores to determine risk assessment. Our data scientists reveal that continuous driver monitoring solutions prove effective in enhancing safety measures and protocols. After just one year, our customers have successfully intervened to protect their employees and company when necessary. Additionally, our data reveals a 22% reduction in monthly violations, a 14% reduction in monthly crashes, and a 32% reduction in company risk profile events.

As an industry-leading TPA, DISA understands just how complicated and confusing the transportation compliance industry can be. To help you navigate through the complexities, our experts can assist you with creating a continuous driver program fit for your company’s needs. Thanks to our innovative and technology-driven solutions, we offer a suite of compliance products and services, including employee screening, general DOT compliance, occupational health, and transportation compliance.

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