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DOT Testing History


For employees applying for safety-sensitive positions, DOT regulations require employers to obtain drug and alcohol test history information from previous employers. DOT previous employer checks provide a record for employers to consider, as well as maintain compliance standards and regulations for safety-sensitive positions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

When an employee applies, they are asked to sign a written consent for the release of their drug and alcohol test records from each employer within the last three years.

  • If an employee does not consent, they cannot be hired for a safety-sensitive position.
  • If an employee consents, they may begin working in a safety-sensitive position for up to 30 days while their records process. If the records aren’t processed within the 30-day period, the employee may continue to work in the safety-sensitive position as long as the employer documents a good faith effort to obtain the records from the previous employers.

What Will Be Requested?

When requesting a previous employer check, employers must request the following information:

  • Alcohol tests with a result of 0.04 or higher
  • Verified failed drug tests
  • Any refusals to test (including verified adulterated or substituted drug tests)
  • If the employee has been denied safety-sensitive positions in the past two years (If applicable) documentation of DOT return-to-duty requirements, including follow-up tests


Previous employers have 30 days to provide the requested information to the prospective employer after receiving the employee’s written consent. They must also maintain a written record (fax, email, letter) of the information released with the date, the party to whom it was released, and the information that was provided.

Employers who are requesting information from past employers must also maintain a written record of the information obtained, or of the good faith efforts made to gather the information for three years following the employee’s first day of safety-sensitive duties performed.

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